Our story...

It all started a four years ago with a simple swipe on New Years Day. Now most people think we met through our love of photography - our eyes meeting across a dimly lit dark room or some other romantic cliche, but we actually found each other on Tinder! As we started chatting (and after little bit of facebook research) we soon found out we shared a love of dogs and photography.

Our first date was over a few drinks at The Old Bridge in Huntingdon where we return every anniversary for dinner and drinks and to reminisce about that night we met.

Things moved pretty quickly after that first date and it wasn't long before we were working and living together and in 2021 we got married - "When you know, you know"! 




October has over 20 years experience in photography, creative design and publishing. This extensive and rare experience is crucial to achieving first class results and is coupled with a real passion for photography. 

James is also a passionate professional photographer with a wide range of experiences and many years of experience. As a self-confessed technology nerd, James, loves exploring all the possibilities of the cameras and editing software.

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Roxy & Ted

Our approach to your wedding photography

We are relaxed and natural in our approach and don't want you standing around all day in awkward poses with forced smiles! We are always looking for new and creative ways to tell the story of your wedding so your photography will reflect the uniqueness of you and your day.



EDITING: Before & Afters

It takes a lot of time and expertise to properly edit professional photography. We give you a quick overview of how we do it.



It's important to see a good selection of a photographer's "real weddings", not just a greatest hits portfolio or those taken at styled shoots. 



Life on the road

We photograph hundreds of weddings all over the UK & abroad. We love travelling and particularly enjoyed our recent trip to Cheltenham.



Please feel free to contact us with any questions or additional information you require. 

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