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Our Style - How We Perfectly Photograph Your Wedding

October James Photography. Wedding Photographers based on the Norfolk / Cambridgeshire border and covering the entire UK and overseas.

We promise not to be the kind of intrusive photographers who turn your special day into a continuous photoshoot! Your wedding is about you and your guests, not us. Pictures that capture the day and your love in a natural way are always the most powerful. We take plenty of candid photographs and most of the time you won’t be aware of us. Even our portrait sessions, where we photograph just the two of you, are done in a relaxed manner so you’ll have fun and feel at ease.

We absolutely love what we do and hope that comes across in our photos. Scroll through the galleries on each section for examples.

Bridal Preparation

This is where the fun begins! October typically arrives 2 hours before the ceremony to capture the sense of excitement as well all the details such as perfume, earrings, shoes etc. One of the best photos is getting a father’s reaction to seeing his daughter in her dress for the first time.

Groom Preparation

These are essential photos in telling the story of the wedding and an aspect of the day the bride loves to look back on. James will be with the boys as they get ready shooting the cufflinks, ties, the nerves-reducing quick drink and maybe a final run-through of the speech!

Guests Arriving

With October capturing the final aspects of the girls getting ready, James will be at the church or venue shooting candid photos of your guests arriving.

The Ceremony

The Bride & Father walking down the aisle, the Groom’s reaction, exchanging of the rings and, of course, the kiss.....October & James will be discretely placed to record it all.

Group Photos While not everyone’s favourite part of the day, group shots are a nice way of capturing you with your loved ones. We have this section well organised, make you all laugh and it won’t take long.

Newlywed Portraits

This is the perfect opportunity for the two of you to escape and have a moment of quiet. Most people can be a little self-conscious in front of the camera but we promise to keep things light-hearted. We won’t force you into staged positions but instead capture beautiful moments of happiness and love. We often have more than one portrait session if, for example, we have a sunset later in the day which we think would make a stunning backdrop.

The Room & Speeches

Before the Wedding Breakfast, we photograph the room and all the little details. No one looks good while they’re eating so we’ll leave you alone at that point but return for the speeches. As well as the person giving the speech, we’ll capture the reactions of those listening - often these can be priceless!

Cutting The Cake

We’ll set up a cake cutting shot with all your friends and family counting sure to cut the bottom tier, not the top!

First Dance

We have many different ways of capturing the first dance depending upon the venue and light. We can set up our own lighting, coordinate with confetti canons or even indoor fireworks.

The Party & Beyond

We loiter around the dance floor to get the shots of you and your guests having fun before calling it a wrap. We will gladly stay later though if, for example, you are having fireworks (we love photographing these!).

After The Wedding

The first thing for us to do is go through all the images from the day, pick the best ones and reduce that number to around 750. From these we will pick around 30 of our absolute favourites each of which will be edited and airbrushed to create your “sneak peek”. We will then edit all the rest of your photos before uploading them to your online, password protected gallery. These are all super-high resolution, watermark free and yours to download. The gallery allows you to select your personal favourites from which we will design your album.



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