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Planning your Winter wedding

Everything you need to know when putting together your big day.

Planning a wedding is daunting enough but factor in light restrictions and unpredictable weather and things can get a whole lot trickier. Worry not! We are here to help.

The first thing to consider is your venue. Ideally choose somewhere that has beautiful interiors as well as exteriors. Always ask the venue what their wet weather plan is, for example: Where will your guests receive their welcome drinks? Is there a room big enough to accommodate group photos? Do you have access to the entire venue for bride and groom portraits?

Once you’ve picked the perfect location, the next big decision is what time to have the ceremony. Light is an important factor for outdoor photography and ideally you’ll want at least 2 hours of daylight after the ceremony. We always carry our own lighting equipment however so we’re ready for every eventuality. We recommend that from the end of October through to March you opt for an earlier ceremony time between 12am and 1pm.

So now you’ve made those crucial decisions, it’s time to talk to us! During our consultation we’ll discuss all the photo opportunities your venue holds and how we can get creative with lighting both natural and artificial. We always visit new venues ahead of the wedding and often incorporate this with a pre-wedding chat. This not only allows us to run through the timeline of your day but also to put together a portrait shot list with required lighting.

Let’s talk about the weather - it is the UK after all!

The one thing every bride dreads on her wedding day is rain. However, it’s really not the end of the world - there’s nothing more romantic than standing beneath an umbrella kissing the one you love.

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