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When planning your wedding, getting the day to flow can be tricky, we're always at hand with help and advice.

No two weddings are the same and we are very pleased that is the case as it makes our job so much more interesting. There are however, some recommendations you may bare in mind when planning your day.

One of the most important things to consider, in our view, is not to have too long a gap between each aspect of the day. Assuming a ceremony time of around 2pm, a very rough guide is to allow 60 to 90 minutes between the end of the ceremony and the wedding breakfast and
60 minutes between the end of that and the cake cutting / first dance - this will take you to around 7:30. This keeps the wedding flowing well without long lulls between different parts of the day. We know from the experience of our own wedding that the day
flies by and you don’t want to wait too long for the evening partying to start! We are always at
the end of the phone
or an email to help with any aspect of planning your day.

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