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The Extremely Impressive Hengrave Hall in Suffolk Hosted Lydia & Connor's Beautiful Winter Wedding

Updated: Mar 18

Hengrave Hall Wedding Photography by Suffolk Wedding Photographers October James Photography

Lydia and Connor's wonderful wedding day was set amidst the picturesque location of Hengrave Hall in Suffolk.

There was a bit of added pressure at this wedding as Connor's family was filled with professional photographers and, having owned photography shops throughout the region, they had photographed thousands of weddings. During our initial Zoom consultation, we faced friendly quizzing from Connor's mother and father to check we knew what we were doing! Thankfully we met with their approval and it's always flattering when you get booked by other photographers.

Despite there being a cool nip in the air, the couple’s day was filled with warmth, love and laughter. Lydia and Connor both got ready at the Hall before the ceremony which was held in the Hall’s exquisite chapel. A very charismatic vicar conducted a fantastic ceremony after which we lined everyone up outside for a fun confetti tunnel before heading back in the Hall for canapés and drinks.

With rain looking imminent, we took our couple straight outside for some portrait photos before heading back inside to make the most of the Hall's interiors. Later in the day we mocked-up a photo of the guys all smoking cigars. Obviously we can't light-up inside Hengrave so the cigars were unlit and we added the cigar smoke after in Photoshop.

Lydia and Connor’s wedding was a celebration of love, laughter, and the timeless beauty of romance. As they embarked on the next chapter of their lives together, they carried with them the memories of a day that was truly magical in every way.

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